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PRODUCTS: Muller International

Muller International specializes in custom designing and consulting for the bakery industry since 1998, helping small and large customers meet their baking needs to ensure future success

Our Products includes:

  • Steel-band Ovens, Wire-mesh Ovens
  • Cookie and Cracker Lines
  • Belgium Waffle Lines
  • Cake and Swiss Role Lines
  • Griddle Ovens
  • Tray Handling Systems for Proofing, Baking, Cooling and Freezing
  • Depanning Systems
  • Depositing Systems
  • Release Oil Spraying Machines
  • Speciality Release Oil Spraying Systems for problem products
  • Product Handling Conveyor Systems
  • Cooling Spirals and Racetracks
  • Spiral Freezers
  • Pasteurization Spiral and Racetracks
  • Proofing Spirals and Racetracks



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